Monday, August 17, 2009

Government care works, dammit

Okay, so one of the fundamental arguments against health care reform is that the government can't efficiently run a health care program.

But a recent study by the RAND Corporation titled "How the VA Outpaces Other Systems in Delivering Patient Care" (here) calls "bullshit" on that argument.

Not literally, I don't think, but figuratively.

This lovely table (by the way--this is soooo much more clear to me than that pie chart from last week, but apparently I'm the only one who can read these) shows that the VA (a government-run health care program) consistently delivers a higher quality of health care than all other providers, and more efficiently.

Now, by combining multiple other providers into one, it's possible that they could overlook some other more efficient, more effective provider. But generally speaking, these results are really fucking impressive.

And clearly people who think it can't be done by the government need to come up with data to support that argument.

Or shut the fuck up.

Or both. I'm good with both.

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