Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flashback song: "Search and Destroy"

Let's make it a day of double Iggy, with The Stooges' seminal "Search and Destroy" as our flashback song. It's from 1973. Dude, Nixon was President. Spiro Agnew was VP (for a while--it's the year Ford became VP). Most people hadn't even heard of Jimmy Carter. We were fighting in Vietnam.

That's how old this song is.

Jump ahead to 1992, the season of the Bush vs. Clinton vs. Perot (remember him) Presidential campaign and Right Said Fred and The Spice Girls ruled the pop music world. Which is how EMF was able to sneak this cover out:

So this year, Peaches put a cover on the War Child charity album. It's pretty fucking sweet if you ask me.

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