Friday, August 7, 2009

Ending the Denver "breed ban" on Pit Bulls

An important preface to this note. The city of Denver has killed more than 2,000 dogs in their quest to keep Pit Bulls out of the city. These dogs were, largely, legally registered family pets. Those were the easiest to round up--they had their license information and could pull them up. Nothing like these actions to make the militia crazies stock up on (unregistered) guns. So hooray for Denver.

A note from a friend in Denver who's trying to overturn the breed ban. And no, NOT a pro dog fighter... luckily, I don't know anyone that colorful. Nope, just a dumb old dog lover who seems to think injustice and stupidity are wrong. One of those...

First of all, Denver residents need to write to and meet with their city council members if you are not in favor of this awful breed ban. If you don't know who your city council members are, click on the link below to find your Denver city council district. Once you click the link, type in your address and the map will show you what your district is and who your council member is.

Click here for map.

Please know that in addition to your district's council member, there are two "at-large" council member who cover the whole city. They should be considered to be your council members as well as your district's own council member. They are Doug Linkhart and Carol Boigon. All of their addresses are below as well as other city officials. Also, a reliable source says that city council is not taking seriously any e-mails from outside the area. If you are a Denver resident, make sure to put something about being a Denver resident in the subject line. That does not mean non-Denver residents should not be writing, but just that we want to highlight a Denver resident e-mail.

Attached, I want you to see what Denver city representatives have been saying about you anti-BSLers. Attached is a letter from a few years ago that an assistant city attorney sent to out-of-state cities to try to get them to enact their own breed bans. He describes how he lurks on various group sites to see who is thinking of a ban and then sends them this unsolicited letter. I think it's especially amazing how he can do this during city time and on city letterhead.

This letter was one we got from a small town in Kentucky that was talking about updating their dog ordinance. They'd never heard of this Denver city employee before. Note how he alludes to any group that doesn't support breed bans as being funded by dog fighters. As if dog fighters--who are already committing felonies--care one bit about a breed ban. My guess would be that he knows this, too, but wants to taint us all with the heinous stain of dog fighting. As if!

Note, too, what he says about all animal control organizations. There is just too much ridiculousness in this letter to point it all out, so read for your self. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST THE ATTACHED LETTER ON ANY OF YOUR WEB SITES, OR SEND OUT TO YOUR NEWS GROUPS, OR WRITE IT IN THE SKY, WHATEVER, but do not post this actual e-mail. Add your own comments or note and post away!!!!!

Also, if any of you want to send a letter to the council members and Denver officials about what representatives have said about you, you can do so by using the addresses below. Please do not forward this e-mail to the officials, but write your own and use the attached letter. Thanks!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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