Friday, February 6, 2009

What does this even mean?

Campbell Brown's role at CNN is to "tell it like it T-I-S" and sometimes it works for me, and sometimes she sounds like Andy Rooney. Today she has a quick editorial about members of Congress going to retreats (as if they don't see each other in D.C.) in these economic times. (Editorial here.)

This quote has me a little confused:

And at the very least, members of Congress, don't any of you get how bad this looks, how terrible the optics are?

What the fuck are "the optics?" If they are the way this looks, she just FUCKING said that in the same sentence... "don't you see how bad this looks and how terrible this looks?" Someone please take away her thesaurus for a few days.

Or at least explain "optics" to me. Maybe I'm dumb. It's happened before.


knuttie said...

Well, what would you expect from someone named after a soup manufacturer?

Richard said...

Perhaps she was merely pointing out that, with national health care, they could see better.

Still, she's no Rachel Maddow.