Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I love 419 scam emails

Here is today's email. He's being used as an "escape goat"... bless his heart.

My name is JEROME KERVIEL, a STOCKBROKER in charge of VANILLA FUTURES HEDGING FOR EUROPEAN EQUITY MARKETS with Societe Generale Bank Paris France. I got your contact through cross border business information centre situated here in Paris and picked interest on you after going through your profile for a mutual benefit.

I don’t know if you have been conversant with invents lately as regards to my case with my bank (Societe Generale), if you are unaware, please point your cursor on the following TIMESONLINE associate web-link to be better briefed:


From the above, you will understand that I was accused of losing 7.1 Billion Dollars of my bank in a bad investment I made illegally while serving my bank.

The truth of the matter is that I was used as an escape goat to cover my superiors who happens to be the master minders over the deal. Our bank Societe Generale has insurance premium worth three times the sum reported to be lost, with French National Insurance Commission and they sees no other way of claiming the sum to favor the bank financially other than using me to cover the plot. The deal was successful following a reward of USD 32,500,000:00 (Thirty Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) to me.

The above sum was successfully secured into a security/finance company here in France according to my superior’s directives, but I do not have an international contact to assist me in accommodating the funds until I am able to file in my resignation and contact you back to take my share.

So I write to seek your assistance to accommodate and invest the sum as stated above for me temporarily while I prepare to take my resignation in the near future. I have been warned by my superiors not to lodge the said sum into an account that will bear my name as that will jeopardize the whole transaction and possibly expose all.

If you are interested to help me accommodate and invest this sum, please provide me with your name and address in full including your telephone numbers, so I may forward to my lawyers in South Wales United Kingdom for your introduction, as I would not like to make myself noticed in this transaction for security and confidential reasons, and is for this purpose I have nominated you to be my trustee for the receivership and investment of the funds on my behalf. Although my lawyers would want to verify and screen the authenticity of your profile due to the sensitive nature of the transaction before further details of it can be relayed to you.

I plead for your ultimate cooperation in this venture and am looking forward to your urgent reply.


Jerome Kerviel.

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