Monday, April 22, 2019

Song of the Day: "Juice"

Goddamn Lizzo fucking rules it all with this performance. By all accounts her new album Cuz I Love You is solid (The Line of Best Fit calls it her declaration of superstardom, and I'm not about to argue against that).

And to think I was asking if people even knew who she was (asking that of a friend who goes to live hip hop shows) a mere 4 months ago.

Song: "Juice"
Artist: Lizzo

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Song of the Day: "Heads Gonna Roll"

Jenny Lewis is super talented but I can't shake the feeling she's prone to hiding her light when there's a man around. I have no evidence aside from Rilo Kiley, and Jenny & Johnny, but that probably says more about me than anything.

Jenny Lewis is super talented and this is a great example of that.

Song: "Heads Gonna Roll"
Artist: Jenny Lewis

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Song of the Day: "All Over Now"

Jesus, the little twinge of joy at seeing that there's a new complete album from The Cranberries got stomped on by seeing the title of the album (In the End) and the song.

Because Delores is dead. She was 46.

Thanks a lot, Obama.

Except this album isn't some kind of intentional swan song--I thought she might have been fighting ovarian cancer or something, but she drowned while swimming drunk. Which is fine, but someone took the album and assigned that title and made this the first track as if to maximize the sentimentality.

Or I'm just super cynical about shit like that.

Song: "All Over Now"
Artist: In the End

Friday, April 19, 2019

Failing Upward: John Bolton

I ran across this in my drafts folder and decided to say "fuck it" and just publish it as a possibly-unfinished work since Bolton's been in the new role for a few months now (or it just seems like that):

John Bolton, long a favorite of mine thanks to his wisdompolitical acumen, and his emotional intelligence.  I wrote about a WSJ editorial he wrote in August 2009 regarding President ("everything he did was bad and also he's a secret Kenyan Muslim") Obama awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson. Robinson, as everybody already knows, was the President of Ireland and a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Bolton pointed out that President of Ireland is a ceremonial position and called her time in the UN role "controversial but ineffective." This was entirely about Robinson suggesting that, perhaps, maybe, Israel occupying the West Bank and seizing the land of Palestinians, might be, you know, not great policy, AKA TOTAL ANTISEMITISM which is also Anti-Americanism because, reasons. Seriously, the whole thing is about fellating Israel.

Of course, even suggesting that a bowl of soup from Israel could use a little salt is TOTAL ANTISEMITISM and thus also Anti-American because, reasons.

In the post I wrote in '09 I pointed out that I once wrote to Gordon Smith, my Republican Senator of the time, asking him to vote against confirming Bolton as the US Ambassador to the UN.

Here's the problem, if Trump had selected Meat Loaf, or Omarosa (say what you will about her abilities, decorum, or personality, the bitch is the only Apprentice contestant whose name I remember, and that includes the white dude who beat [but shouldn't have] the black dude at the end of the first season and whose name is Bill but I only remember that because his wife is on E! or something), or Ivanka even, as National Security Adviser, we'd all have said "not qualified" but at least that not qualified person won't have started the job already itching to bomb the fuck out of Iran and North Korea on day one. John Bolton is experienced and has decades worth of a war hard-on to attack either country--both at once would be a three-way and he would probably die from such a massive orgasm.

"The pot, calling the kettle ineffectual and controversial"

During John Bolton's confirmation to Ambassador to the U.N. (which never happened, BTW; Bush used a loophole*) I wrote to my Senators asking that, instead, we send a stapler to the U.N. Then Senator Gordon Smith replied that Bolton represented the kind of change the U.N. needed.

I am happy that Gordon Smith is no longer my Senator.

From Bolton's WSJ editorial, today (here):

"Barack Obama’s decision to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson has generated unexpected but emotionally charged opposition. Appointed by then-U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan as high commissioner for human rights in 1997-2002, Ms. Robinson had a controversial but ineffective tenure."

If anyone would know "controversial but ineffective" it would be Mr. Bolton... just by looking in a mirror.

It should also be noted that, despite his total pro-war attitude, Mr. Bolton avoided the draft during the Vietnam War. Because, you know, he decided that the liberals made it un-winnable. Fucker.

* By this I mean Bush avoided having Bolton confirmed via a recess confirmation. Obama was denied recess confirmations because Congress never officially adjourned during its holiday recess. Mitch McConnell, "Washington outsider" (in 2014, McConnell claimed to be an outsider to Washington politics--he was campaigning for his sixth term in the US Senate at the time--who says the people of Kentucky are just inbred hillbillies, with fewer than 1000 teeth and IQ points between them, and no sense of humor) wins again.

Song of the Day: "Light Years"

Oh shit, there's a new song from The National and I started a post and then forgot about it and here we are, a week later.

Song: "Light Years"
Artist: The National

For Your Consideration: Stephanie Beatriz

Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance: Gina, Bojack Horseman

This is an award I want someone else to win, but a nomination to Beatriz is deserved. She's a new character in the Bojack Horseman mythology, his costar on the gritty neo-noir TV series Filbert. The character's cynicism might not be of the same magnitude as Bojack's utter self-loathing, but they're at least in the same area code.

Her role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine limits the amount of inflection she can use (but not as much as other cast members [I really wanted a crossover episode with Trophy Wife's Marcy Gay Harden, but that's a whole other Dr. Phil episode]), but Beatriz doesn't overcompensate by chewing the scenery here. She portrays the world-weary actress with great balance and restraint.
"I don't want you to be the most notable thing that ever happened to me." 

When he discovers the actress listening to show tunes during a break from shooting, Bojack's attempt at flirting end up coming off as hurtful and he makes a mess of things literally and figuratively. The show did a callback to Gina's affinity for musicals with this homage to Cabaret.

So nominate her, ATAS, but give the award to Will Arnet (for fuck's sake).

Monday, April 15, 2019

Song of the Day: "Barcelona"

Max George is a member of The Wanted who are, as you may recall, totally tribal. We like The Wanted and we're giving Max a listen totally on musical merit.


Song: "Barcelona"
Artist: Max George"